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Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park

A very hard to see video of a live kiwi running around!

sunny 10 °C

Ok! I finally loaded my first video. Yay! This is the only video/pictures I could get of a live Kiwi. The kiwi is the little blob running around being noisey and cute. Wish you could see it better, but this will have to do. If you can't see it, it's because it hasn't been converted to a web file by the site yet. It will eventually be visable though. Enjoy!

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The North Island Farm

The hillsides are to die for!

10 °C

Hello everyone! Unfortunantly, the weather has just been aweful with rain, but you'll still see the beauty of the land! The second day I was in Wellington, we left early to visit a farm (the brother, Andrew, of Jackie owns the farm). The family has 3 children (yay!). There is Samantha, aka Sammy, at age 7, Charlize at age 4, and little baby Ben at 7-9 months... not too sure on that one!

We hung out and watched movies, Sammy took me on a walk to see the chickens and her puppy Bella, and we ate a delicious pasta bake that was like lasagna with shells. Sammy said we were like sisters, because we both have blonde curly hair; I happily agreed. Here's the gumboots (or wellies, whichever tickels your fancy), and the chickens we went to feed.



This morning I was woken up by a rooster (which was GREAT!!); I literally smiled when I woke up. Next, the kids climbed all over me, we played games, watched Dora the Explorer, and welcomed everyone who sleepily entered the living room.

Sammy was nice enough to ask me if I wanted to go for another walk on the farm and beyond, so I said I would love to. She even drew us a map! How cute is that? This is her with the map, being my tour guide, followed by us at the top of the hill by the gate and some scenery.




On our way back, we said hello to Tom the neighbor, and went to pet his cute cute cute puppies! They were so happy, and reminded me of Sparky when he was that size - so fluffy, happy, and stinkin' cute!


Ok, two updates in one day is quite a bit, so I'm going to get off this stinky computer and hit the hay - haha, get it? OOooohh no. That's a sign for me to go to bed haha. I love you all very much, and I'll be doing some fun (and typical Kate stuff) tomorrow so look for an update on that as well! Make sure you read the post before this, because it is new as well.


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Te Papa!!

The jaw-dropping museum of New Zealand

rain 11 °C

I am now in Wellington! When I arrived, I went for a walk around the block with Jackie and Morgan (a nice mother/daughter pair I'm staying with!) and stopped off at the iSite to get some pamplets. I then came back around to the Apartment through the Wellington Civic Center.


Te Papa was my first destination while I was here. It was great! Not only is this museum the best I've ever been to, it was FREE!! And you know how important free things are to university studends haha. Anyways, I'll take you through the main parts that you can take pictures of. Absolutly great environmental design, very interactive, and totally cool.

Here's a picture of one of the main exhibits in Te Papa. It is kind of an introduction to the animals around New Zealand. This is the ocean area you are looking at. There was a colossel squid, and a sea turtle hanging from the sky :o)



This part was a floor map of New Zealand with tiles that light up when you stand on them. Once they light up, a dotted line appears leading to a tv screen behind black glass showcasing pictures of the places you are standing on. Waaaay cool! And it always helps that there was a really cute man there to help those who have no idea what's going on, like me.


From there I went to a children's interactive room where you can play with microscopes, read about more animals, and do different activities. I thought this display was impresive, so I took a picture of it!


After this, I went back to the apartment to eat dinner and hang out. The start of my Wellington destination was AMAZING!!

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What a Beautiful Place!

Part 2!


Hello everyone! If my last post didn't make much sense it was because I was super tired. Hopefully this one will be better!

So I am picking up where I left off, Rotorua! A little bit about Rotorua: it smells like rotten eggs because of the sulfur lakes, and it's a great place to learn more about the Maori culture. I spent my time in Rotorua at a hostel named "Crash Palace," and really enjoyed my time, after I got used to the smell. I did several things while in Rotorua. First, I visited the lovely (yet smelly) Rotorua Lake and just walked around town to get to know the area. The following day I took a bus to Taupo and went on a boat to see the Maori carvings.


I then followed that up with the Taupo Museum and Gardens before heading back to Rotorua. This garden was shown in London at a famous garden competition, and won! It was beautiful.


The following day I went to the Rainbow Springs Wildlife Park, WHICH WAS AMAZING!! I got to see the Kiwi birds for the first time! They are so sweet. They also had a park full of wildlife, which was a lot of fun. They have chickens that run around and beg for food. Here's a picture of an odd one!


Here is a giant bird of New Zealand that is extinct: There HUGE!


After that I visited the Rotorua Museum, that has a lookout.



All in all it was a great place for being a tourist. Lots to do, plenty to see, and a great range of food!

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What a beautiful place!

Part 1 of 2

Ok, this is my second try, becaue I somehow deleted the first entry! So, where were we? Ah, yes! Piha Beach! I went with Linda, and it was a beautiful place. Here are a few photos:




Sorry the "u" is cut off!

Next up is a waterfall located somewhere near Piha Beach that starts with a "Wai", but I cannot remember what it is called. I'll look it up a little later. Anyways, this is on my tramp with Josh (the 12 year old), and Keryn (a family friend). After going uphill both ways (literally!!), we were thankful to see the car haha.


The water was so cold and clear. Just beautiful! It's amamzing to see how close people can live to this and never even know it exsist! I'll post more tomorrow when I have more brain power. I have done so much lately, it's going to take a while, Love.

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