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and finally have some time/energy to right about it.

sunny 10 °C

I woke up this morning around 6 ish am with a beautiful bird chirping outside my window. I felt like Sleeping Beauty really haha. When I first arrived, I had a run-in with the customs service. It took a lot longer than it should have, but after a threat of noting being able to leave the customs area and a bit of a cry, David came to my rescue. Here at my first stop, I am staying with the lovely Linda and David. They have three children: William (14), Josh (12), and Charlote (7). William is really big into painting 3-D models, architecture, and graphic design, as you can imagine my excitment when I heard that! Josh is more of a quite one, but he loves to tell jokes, and they are quite funny! Charlote is definitely a little sister. She competes for attention, and does quite well at it haha. She loves bugs (Linda told me the poor things are dying a slow and painful death when they get into the hands of her hahaha), loves to climb, and never likes to brush her hair. She is so sweet and has curly hair, so I have made her my honorary little sister. Here is her prangmatis (which I was volunteered to watch over while she is away at school today):


While the kids were away at school and David was off to work Linda showed me around Auckland and took me to the SkyTower. When you go up to the top, parts of the floor are made of glass, and I got a good laugh watching Linda avoiding the glass floor at all costs. Right as we were about to leave, somone bungied off the top, but I didn't see the cable at first and thought someone had jumped!



After the aroundtown tour, Linda and I went to pick up little miss Charlote and headed home. I went to take an afternoon nap, because we had planned for sport that evening. Before I knew it, I was woken up, in the car, and on the court to play netball. I got a quick version of the rules, thrown into a position, and I played netball with all my heart! It was so much fun! It's a lot like basketball, but much less contact and much simpler rules.

After netball we ate delicious pumpkin soup that Linda had made with garlic bread. For dessert there was cake, which was delicious! I forgot to make William a peanut butter and jelly sandwich last night, but just as well, I'll make him one today. If he doesn't eat it, I will! Everyone here thinks they sound replusing! Can you believe that? A little peanut butter and jelly sandwhich? I can't get enough of them!

Well, I'm going to go heat my wheat sack, and warm up. One thing about New Zealand that I like: It's cold inside the house! I have a feeling I'm going to be back in December. Oh! and mom and dad: the professor I emailed wrote back, and would love to have an interview with me (big smile). So I rearranged my itinerary just a bit for the south island. When I get the wrinkles ironed out, I'll fill you in on all of that. I love you guys!

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Today's the Day!

Sun is shining, the tank is clean…


Hello everyone!

This morning I am headed to the airport to start the beginning of a dream I have had for a while now. This is my test run to see if I could live in New Zealand, what cities I like (or even love!) throughout New Zealand. I am more than excited to get my journey on the road!

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has helped in the process. Brenda Davis has pulled many strings to allow me to live with her family and friends all throughout New Zealand. Brenda, you are amazing and I can never thank you enough for the doors you have opened for me! I would also like to thank my family for their support and encouragement throughout this entire process and what is probably going to be the first of many trips. I am amazed (and thankful) at how patient you all have been.

As for updates, I will do my very best to keep up with some photos and entries so you can follow my journey along with me. When I get back, prepare for photos everywhere! And if you see me within 5 months of coming back, I'm more than sure that I will still be talking about it.

Well, I'm off! I love every one of you very much. You'll be hearing from me soon!



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New Beginnings

Get ready New Zealand, here I come!

In a couple of weeks, I will be headed off to New Zealand! Why is this important? If I like New Zealand and if New Zealand likes me, then I will be applying for jobs there when I graduate college. I have always wanted to live internationally, I just never knew where. I used to have my sights set on Italy, but the older I became the more I realized that being on my own for the first time in a place they do not speak much english is probably not a good idea. I needed a lifestyle change; somewhere that is outgoing, outdoorsy, happy, and laid back. After doing a lot of research on countries around the world, New Zealand caught my eye the most. I did an economic report on them for a class, and learned even more. I would run into people from New Zealand or had been to New Zealand, or knew some one that had been and no one, I mean no one, had anything bad to say about it. Before I knew it, I was hooked! So, before I make my final decisions, I am checking out this almost too-good-to-be-true country for myself. I will be gone a total of three weeks, and decided that I should keep a blog so I can check in with everyone back home every once in a while. I am so ready and excited to go! I've already packed my carry-on. I will post once more to start off the trip, and then the next time you will hear from me might not be for a few days, possibly a week! I hope this blog will let you enjoy New Zealand as close to as much as I will as it can. Ciao, love!

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